Once upon a time, I used to blog regularly.  In my heyday I went over 400 days without missing a post, over at Rev. Dr. Mom.  And I posted pictures here and sermons here.  Then life changed and I just stopped. I didn’t mean to, but certain parts of my life seemed unbloggable, and once I got out of the habit, writing seemed like another life time. Oh, I think about writing–I just don’t do it. In fact, I set up this blog almost a year ago, and then forgot about it.

But it’s November 1, and that means it’s time for NaBloPoMo. Maybe, just maybe, the thing that started that 400+ day string will motivate me to begin again. So here we go.

See you around, I hope!


Hello world!

Here I am…ready to write again. Maybe. Lots to say, little time to say it in. We’ll see what happens!