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Run Amma Run

About 2 and half years ago I began Weight Watchers. I did it as my Lenten discipline, and I set no other goals other than to eat in a more Kris red dress 5Khealthy way. Much to my surprise, actually, weight started coming off and I liked the way I was eating, so I stuck with it. By fall I’d lost about 45 pounds and it felt great.

Now I have spent the majority of my adulthood claiming (and believing) that I hate exercise. Really, my whole life. As I child I would’ve rather been reading a good book than anything else. Girls didn’t do sports very much then. I rode my bike and went swimming but that was about it. When “working out” became the thing to do, I was clearly out of the loop. Only one period of time did that differ: while I was in grad school I tried running and kept it up for about a year and a half. Then my life changed, I moved to a more rural setting, got pregnant with child #4, gained a lot of weight and that was that.

So the fall after I began losing weight, the person who teaches exercise classes at my church invited me to try them out. VERRRRY reluctantly I went , and it wasn’t so bad At first I just did light aerobics and later I added Zumba (despite being wicked uncoordinated.) After a while, I was actually enjoying it. And I not only kept losing weight, I also started building some muscle. When those classes ended for a summer break I knew I would have to replace them with some other activity.

By this time I had lost a little more than 70 pounds. Gyms, however, still intimidated me. Almost on a whim one morning I decided to see if I could run. I wan’t sure. It had been 20 years since I’d tried. Was I too old? Would my feet and knees protest?  Could I do it?

Turns out not only could I do it, I actually LIKE running.

A year and a half later, I STILL like running. Oh, there are days when I like it best after I”m done. And days when it is a struggle to get out the door. But for the most part I do truly like it. In April I ran my first 5K–not only ran but came in 2n in my age group. The end of May I was part of a five person marathon relay team — and what fun that was, despite an abysmally cold and rainy day. And I’ve committed to running a half at that same race net May.

No one could be more surprised about this than I am!

Now it is tine to take the next step and join a gyn. There are lots of reason. The exercise classes I started going to have been cut to only once  a week, and I can’t always make that. I”m not motivated to lift weights or do crunches or any thing else at home. I don’t want to lose the progress I’ve begun to make. And finally, I’m finding it really hard to run in cold weather. It hurts my lungs and makes me cough. And when the snow flies it is jut plain hard to get out and go.

I so don’t want to join a gym. They STILL intimidate me. But it is time.

Run, Amma, run!


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