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A rose by any other name…

To help us out on this NoBloPoMo, the organizers have offered daily prompts for writing. Today’s prompt asks, “If you had to switch your first name, what would you choose and why?”

Which sort of amuses me.

When I was a kid, I didn’t like my name. I was Kristy, then Kristi (in 5th grade when changing -y endings to -i endings became popular), and finally Kris, but only Kristina when I was in trouble. And I wanted to be named Kathy. Why I have no idea–maybe because it was a more popular name? But more than wanting to change my first name, I wanted to change my middle name, which is my mother’s maiden name, Dixon. All of my friends had lovely middle names which could have doubled as first names  (and many of them were Ann/Anne–seriously at one point there was my sister  Carole Anne, next door was Margo Ann, across the street were Rebecca Ann, Cheryl Ann, and Peggy Ann, and around the corner was my best friend Ashley Ann. And that was just one block!) And I had Dixon. NO FAIR.

My Kathy phase didn’t last too long. I also considered more exotic names like Bridget and Monica and Guinevere.

Today I wouldn’t actually change my name. Oh, I took my birth name back for my last name, and I am really glad I did. And I still hear my mother’s voice letting me know just how much trouble I was in with the way she emphasized, “KRISTINA!” I played with idea of being Kristi again instead of Kris. I love the name Madeleine; also Maeve and Siobahn. But the name my mother chose for me really works just fine.


One thought on “A rose by any other name…

  1. Every third girl of our approximate age was named Kathy! Trust me on this. Several of my best friends over the years were named Kathy, too. Even in an advanced professional position, a colleague and I were collectively known as “the Kathys.” My SIL is a Kathy (which would have been enough to keep my maiden name, if I hadn’t already decided that).

    Sympathy on getting a family name for a middle name — me, too.

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