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I suffered a major disappointment yesterday–something I wanted badly, hoped for, prayed for, just isn’t going to happen. People suffer worse things all the time; I’m keenly aware of that but my disappointment still hit me hard. I was sad.  I yelled and cursed. I cried.

And then I stayed up ALL NIGHT LONG reading a novel. The newest Clare Ferguson-Russ VanAlstyne book hit my kindle app yesterday and I read from about midnight until 5 am. Didn’t finish because my iPad battery ran out and the charger cord isn’t long enough to let me read in bed while it is plugged in.

So I got about 3 hours of sleep. Yeah.

Going to crash and burn shortly, I’m sure. But I need to finish the book first. Luckily I’m almost there!


3 thoughts on “Disappointment

  1. That is *exactly* my coping strategy. Sorry for the disappointment, and I hope you catch up on your sleep. 🙂

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