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Playing with the camera

For a couple of years I spent a lot of time taking photos, and editing. I have no technical expertise; I basically just played around until I liked what I had. When I moved to my current home four years ago I pretty much quit–for no really good reasons other than lame excuses about lack of time. And like so many other things, the longer I went, the less likely I was to drag out the camera bag and schlep it along with me, especially as the cameras on iPhones improved.

Over the summer I spent a couple of weeks in New York City, one of my very favorite places, and a place I always love photographing. While my daughter and grandson were with me we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. We were unexpectedly caught in a rain shower, but I got some interesting pictures where the parts of the bridge were draped for construction.





I haven’t edited these shots at all. If you click on them to see the larger shots you can see lots of texture, which I love. And looking at these reminds me of how much I did enjoy playing around with pix and rekindles my interest in finding a good photography class.


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